Computer Recycling Services

Benefitting the Environment

RDC are experts in recycling waste and rendering it suitable for processing into a new product. We focus on reuse of whole equipment which not only generates more money but can save up to 75% of the materials and energy used in making a PC (according to a UN University study*). But for some, costs of repair exceed sales price; some are electrically unsafe; some are replaced by new technology - these are recycled.

Why Recycle?

  • Legal compliance: landfill or incineration of waste computers is banned as they contain known hazardous materials - the WEEE & Hazardous Waste regulations apply - plus a whole mountain of other regulations that RDC monitors on behalf of customers.
  • Environmental benefits: reuse saves energy and materials used in the manufacture of computers - up to 75% of materials according to a UN University study.*
  • Reclaim materials: use of recyclate saves using costly scarce resources.
  • Commercial benefits: recycled parts and materials can be sold to lower recycling costs to RDC and our customers.
  • Data protection: release of confidential data can incur fines of up to half a million pounds plus cost far more to remedy any such breach.

What does RDC do to Recycle Computers?

  • Reuse: in 2012, RDC processed over 2,000,000 items, refurbishing and selling the majority for reuse. RDC's Recycling Services Department also recovers repairable items from the waste items for refurbishment and reuse.
  • Component reclaim: components are also reused. In 2010, RDC exceeded 10% by weight of items reclaimed for reuse from what was previously classified as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) - exceeding targets in the draft Recast WEEE Directive.
  • Material recycling equipment: this is dismantled into parts to aid the recycling of each separate material stream - so increasing the amount recycled and enabling hazardous parts to be removed for recycling and safe treatment. This is explained further overleaf.


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