Data Destruction with Certification

Solutions for Confidential Data Eradication

RDC deliver a range of services and solutions to destroy confidential and protectively marked data. These solutions will ensure compliance to data protection legislation, governmental standards and the strictest security policies for data destruction.

Data is destroyed through controlled processes and procedures with each item individually tracked through our IT asset management system. These methods of data destruction can be provided at RDC's secure facilities or at customer site as required.


As part of RDC's core processing tasks, all data bearing items are data wiped using approved software. Subject to safety testing and functionality checks this key task allows successfully data wiped equipment to be sold for reuse generating residual value.


Where hard disk drives and other magnetic media will not be reused, these are passed through approved degaussing tools which destroy all data and makes reuse impossible.


Often referred to as shredding, this process is employed where hard disk drives and other data bearing devices cannot be successfully wiped or where it has been decided that equipment cannot be reused.

  • Data bearing devices including hard drives are shredded down to 25mm strips
  • These strips are sent for smelting where precious metals are extracted
  • 0% of these strips end up in landfill, all metals are recycled.
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