Re-Use & Redeployment

Maximising the value of your redundant IT assets - What you need to know: It is widely recognised that re-use is better than recycling, enabling equipment and parts to be used over a much longer period which reduces the energy and resources required in the manufacture.


RDC focuses on re-use of used IT equipment - extending its effective life; bringing many advantages to customers, future users and the environment;

  • Revenue - re-use enables used equipment to be remarketed to earn revenue for former users after a quality controlled refurbishment process.
  • Redeployment of quality refurbished computers to former users saves significantly on the purchase costs of new equipment.
  • Data security - for reused equipment this can be assured by use of data eradication software approved by international governments and agencies.

As the largest supplier of refurbished technology, RDC will help you realise revenue for your unwanted equipment and save you money by redeploying product that meets your technical requirements.


A desirable route many organisations can choose for equipment that merely requires a refresh in the IT product life cycle and still meets the needs of the business, is to refurbish existing equipment and redeploy it back into the organisation.

RDC provide a range of solutions that enable an organisation to have equipment collected from one location, refurbishment, upgrade if required, re-configuration and redeployment to the same or another designated site through comprehensive asset tagging.

Units can be selected for refurbishment for re-use within your business and as such are processed further in accordance with agreed upgrade tasks. Equipment defined by the redeployment specification is subjected to a number of processes, as agreed with the client to ensure the unit is visually and technically acceptable for redeployment.

Once passed, it can be upgraded or downgraded as appropriate to comply with the agreed redeployment specification. Image builds, external & internal refurbishment and re-asset can also be undertaken. This flexible approach allows clients to redeploy equipment with different levels of refurbishment and cost.

RDC Take Back Schemes

We provide our vendors, distributors, multiple retailers, charities and individual customers with a range of take back solutions including online trade-in portals, buying excess inventory and managing warranty returns..

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