Social Sustainability Services

  • Equal opportunities have long been practiced and are enshrined in RDC company policy.
  • Locally we support local Social Enterprise MillRace IT, providing our asset management system, procedures, tools and advice plus recycling their IT waste.
  • Nationally we partner with In Kind Direct to find customers willing to donate their used IT and facilitate refurbishment to be re-distributed to local and international charity causes.
  • Globally we work with international charity Digital Pipeline, helping to establish and equip refurbishment facilities in developing countries.
  • Assist developing countries and Non Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) by sharing technical expertise and best practice processes for the refurbishment of used IT.

We are committed to having a positive impact on the communities in which we work and live, and have a long standing history of contributing to community initiatives at local, national and global levels.

Our own company programme is about supporting causes close to the hearts of our people, their families and communities.  Every month we draw an employee number, once selected they can donate funds to a registered charity of their choice.

In our local community we work closely with MillRace IT supporting them in providing our asset management system and processes.  MillRace IT is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise that recycles computers to provide work experience and training for disadvantaged people and by supplying recycled equipment at low cost for re-use to those in need.

Nationally we work with In Kind Direct providing an online takeback program and facilitating donation and refurbishment of IT equipment from corporate customers.  In Kind Direct is the largest multi-cause enterprise in the United Kingdom and a Princes Trust Charity.  They re-distribute surplus goods from manufacturers and retailers to UK charities working at home and abroad.

Globally we work with international charity Digital Pipeline, helping to set up refurbishment facilities in developing countries by providing equipment, tools, manuals, training and support.  Digital Pipeline aim to advance the education of the public and relieve poverty by providing access to information and communications technology for those who most need it, with a focus on developing countries throughout Africa and other parts of the world.  We also provide advice to NGO’s and have worked with the UN (UNIDO & UNESCO) in support of bridging the digital divide.

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