Modern Slavery Statement


At RDC, we continue to observe high ethical standards in the conduct of our business activities and within our supply chain. As part of the Computacenter UK group, we are dedicated to responsible and sustainable corporate management policies. This includes ensuring that the company’s practices are compliant with human rights and employment legislation wherever we do business.

We are a leading provider of IT asset management processes that support our customers as they go through the process of retiring their used IT assets and advise on the appropriate secure and sustainable routes. RDC, operating from its Essex UK headquarters, has grown to be a trusted partner of our customers who, in many cases trade across Europe and the rest of the world.

1. Our Ambition:

  • Strongly recommended by customers for the way we help them achieve their goals;
  • The preferred route for the disposal of redundant IT assets by resale, redeployment or recycling;
  • Be a trusted partner to our customers and key link in the Computacenter group;
  • Ensure our company provides mutually beneficial service to our customers and stakeholders, including our employees.

2. What we do:

RDC provides asset management services directly related to information technology equipment. The company provides secure, tailor-made IT asset management solutions for the reuse and recycling of both used and new IT equipment to clients around the world. Our focus is on providing services that are secure and sustainable, to fit with our our own and our customer policies on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Working closely with our parent company, Computacenter, RDC have built up a network of partners across the globe to support our vision to provide services to our customers operating on a global scale with a service that meets the highest expectations of a moral, sustainable business model.

We have developed a global coverage that mirrors our customers requirements. As a result, RDC have operated with our partners across all major geographies and 6 continents.

Our parent company, Computacenter, are signatories to the UN Global Compact, and as part of our responsibilities as part of the group, we are committed to upholding internationally proclaimed human rights. For Computacenter, human rights fall into two areas: protecting the rights of our employees and ensuring we are not complicit in human rights abuses in our supply chain.

The human rights of our employees are covered by our people policies and compliance with local labour laws wherever we do business.

This is supported by and is at the heart of the Group Business Ethics policy which sets out our commitment to observing the highest ethical standards in our business conduct. It also explains what we expect from our employees and how they can report any concerns they may have.

Within our supply chain we continue to work with a diverse set of suppliers who are financially stable and ethically responsible. When selecting who we want to work with, we ensure that our terms of engagement are clear and that they support both our company values and our wider corporate social responsibility objectives.

We continue to carry out appropriate due diligence on vendors in our supply chain and our international partner network. Part of of the due diligence conducted focuses on Human Rights.

Our International Partner agreement includes reference to the ten principles in the UNGC, which includes human rights. We expect all suppliers to abide by these principles.

Our parent company publicises its whistleblowing hotline both internally across the whole group and to suppliers, to enable reporting of any suspected human rights issues. There were no significant issues identified during the year.

Our internal Compliance team and the senior management group at RDC, continue to monitor and report on areas of improvement and progress relating to Modern Slavery and the Group Business Ethics to the Computacenter Compliance Steering Committee and the Risk and Audit Committees.

Within each business area, our Senior Managers are responsible for compliance with The UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and all other areas of legal and ethical governance.

We continue to review our policies, practices and how we identify any risks of modern slavery and other human rights as part of our continued commitment to ethical and responsible business practices.

Making an appropriate contribution in this area is therefore the right thing to do for the wider community and for our business and we will continue with our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices, ensuring that we do not tolerate modern slavery anywhere within our supply chain.

This statement fulfils the requirements of Section 54 (Transparency in supply chains) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and covers the period of 1 January 2020 to 31 December 20.