IT Lifecycle Management

RDC’s core IT Asset Management Circular Services are focused on generating client value from used IT and creating an environmentally sustainable IT disposal solution for anything unsuitable for reuse.

RDC manages the complete IT life cycle process; from the logistical management of a secure collection, technical processing and secure data destruction, through to testing and assessment for the resale of used IT equipment and final recycling of unusable equipment.

Every device is individually managed, tracked and can be reported on at item level through our in-house IT asset management system, which was developed to an RDC specification in collaboration with IBM and Microsoft. The stages throughout the process include electrical safety testing to verify that used items are safe to connect to mains power, diagnostic software to test the functionality of parts and components and data eradication software approved to NCSC standards to remove all data including licensed software.

Unmatched technical processing capability allows RDC to enable the reuse and, recycling of hundreds of thousands of used IT assets every year, returning millions of pounds to our customers from the residual value in their used IT.

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