IT Recycling Services

RDC’s Circular Services are focused on delivering a market leading environmentally sustainable electronics disposal solution for anything unsuitable for reuse.

RDC manages the complete IT disposal process; from the logistical management of a collection, technical processing and secure data destruction, through to testing and assessment for the reuse of surplus IT equipment and final recycling equipment that cannot be repurposed.

Every product disposed of is individually managed, tracked and can be reported on at item level through our in-house IT asset management system.   Failed and obsolete items that have no use potential are allocated to our recycling facility, where they are prepared for shipment to our authorised recycling partners for industrial recovery of recyclate materials.  RDC demands that partners and their downstream refiners provide an accurate mass balance reports, detailing material recovery against volumes processed, this ensures that we are able to report on the raw materials recovered from our waste stream in relation to the equipment recycled on behalf of our client.

RDC recycling partners are subjected to an approval process and an ongoing audit programme to ensure compliance with regulation and that we keep at the forefront of recycling best practise.

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