RDC is committed to making a huge difference to our environment and communities, never before has sustainability and traceability been at the forefront of key issues within our society.

We are committed to providing a relevant and factual plan to steer the industry towards a sustainable environmental vision through delivering our values, incorporating our environmental policy into everyday business life and by living our 3 pillars as colleagues and an organization every day.

The 3 pillars:

  • Traceability – We are committed to providing a transparent business plan that enables us to deliver a peace of mind to our colleagues and customers. We are delivering this through tracking the journey of the product in its entirety through our audited and accredited recycling partners who are committed to delivering on all aspects of the environmental process. We will deliver our on going external and internal audit programme to ensure we are always at the front of industry environmental changes.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – As a responsible employer we are committed not only to deliver on our environmental policy but within the greater community we operate in as a business. We are committed to deliver on our Corporate Social Responsibility projects encapsulating the wider environment, local community and innovative environmental projects.
  • Research – we are looking ahead to the future and working with partners to really deliver a point of difference within the industry, working with partners at the forefront of scientific innovation we are excited about our partnerships ahead… the future is RDC Circular Services!

We are committed to deliver best in industry execution of our environmental policy.

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