Data Destruction

RDC’s major focus is on the secure destruction of client data.  All items handled are assumed to be data bearing until we have been able to demonstrate otherwise.

Data security starts with an assessment of security status of products on client sites, this can require mobile data wiping solutions to be deployed to client site along with shredding and degaussing options.  Various levels of secure product movements are available, using RDC security cleared personnel, secure vehicles with CCTV and tracking devices and enhanced locking solutions, taking predefined point to point journeys any of which can be deployed to meet the client requirement.

RDC partner with the foremost data eradication software company to ensure accredited software is used for all transactions and associated reporting is made available.

RDC have a series of embedded controls and checks written into their asset management control system that prevent individual assets progressing through the process unless the required evidence of data eradication is shown to be available.  In addition to this a number of manual check processes are deployed to ensure 100% compliance.

RDC has its own inhouse shredding capability to finally physically destroy any products where data safety remains a concern.

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