Logistics Services

RDC has a highly secure and extensively audited processing facility at Braintree in Essex.  In order for equipment to be processed through this facility it is necessary to effect a recovery from client site.  RDC has a range of logistics capability to meet the varying requirements of our clients:

Standard collections/deliveries; RDC has its own fleet of vehicles based in Edinburgh, Leeds, Braintree and Bristol and employs a team of drivers/technicians to execute collections and deliveries.  In addition to this capacity we also have partnerships with external logistics organisations who can provide access to remote location, specialist handling requirement and larger vehicles.  All of these resources are managed and scheduled via the RDC transport team, who ensure that the correct resources are allocated within agreed timescales.

High Security Collections; The RDC logistics team have personnel with varying levels of security classification, the RDC vehicles are fitted with advanced locking system, tracking systems, alarms 360 degree CCTV including cab and vehicle internal.  Pre-defined routing can be made available along with advance driver and vehicle details.  Vehicles can contain multiple security cleared personnel to ensure they are manned at all times and point to point dedicated collection/deliveries can be arranged.

On- Site Activities;  RDC can undertake a range of on-site activities including; decommissioning, installation, auditing, surveying, data wiping, shredding, relocations, deliveries and collections.  In a managed service contract it is typical for many of these services to be deployed simultaneously.

Deliveries;  RDC as part of its redeployment service offers the ability to store and deploy equipment either on an ad hoc or scheduled basis or to move equipment from one location to another.

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