Data Security

RDC’s secure IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) processes and information security management, aligned with the physical protection of our customers’ assets have contributed to the continued growth and success of the business. Data protection plays a fundamental part in the company’s success.

Our secure processes are audited to ISO 27001:2013.

RDC’s experience in the ITAD industry allows us to advise and to support our customers in determining the optimum service to securely manage the reuse or disposal of data bearing IT assets, with tailored solutions to meet the risk appetite and security policies of the customer.

RDC has partnered with Blancco, the world’s leading overwriting software provider, with a custom designed infrastructure to data wipe assets to either a single overwrite or the higher level overwrite detailed in the UK Government’s IAS 5.

Customers can be reassured there is a zero tolerance on failed storage devices or disc drives with bad sectors. Failed storage devices which are removed from their host machine are individually recorded against their parent unit and then sent to our Recycling department for shredding to either a 25 or 6mm particle size dependant on customer instruction or data classification.

For our customers who have a higher level of data classification, the RDC On-Site Services team are able to attend the customer site and provide the same level of service as detailed above

RDC are certified to the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) CAS – S standard which authorises us to carry out data eradication activities at the customer site. The service deploys infrastructure that is listed within the CPNI catalogue.

For international customers, RDC maintains a global network of partners, all of whom are contracted and audited to provide globally consistent ITAD services.

It is the detail and focus with which RDC manages these risks on behalf of our customers that has helped turn RDC into an award-winning, market-leading IT asset management business.

RDC welcomes site visits and audits from current or prospective customers as a chance to demonstrate our processes as robust industry best practice.

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